Tattoos, figuratively speaking, have made their mark long before the modern world came to be. In many cultures, they were signs of honor and bravery, rites of passage, symbols of social status, indications of one reaching a marriageable age...The reasons are similar and yet varied around the world.

While some tattoos have been put where they are to shame, dishonor, punish or discriminate others (such as identification numbers tattooed on the Jewish in Auschwitz concentration camps simply because of what they are), tattoos have now become a way for self-expression, a medium to relay very important messages to people (like an advocacy), or a form to spread the beauty of art around.

At our tattoo studio, we take pride in what we do and how we do them. We do the most creative and complicated designs ever-dreamed of. We listen to want you want, tell you what we can do, and from there, our collaboration will take shape and form into a beautiful work of art.

We literally have thousands of designs for you to choose from. Our most requested? Galaxy tattoos! Get it on your hand, your arm, your chest, your back, anywhere literally on your body. Be ready to be amazed. In our site, we have posted designs for you to choose from now so that when you go to our tattoo shop, you would have already thought things thoroughly and we'll start work on you in a jiffy. Check them all out NOW!